Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Can u

for real, i'm beginning to speculate that the jobs on job boards aren't even real.
that they're there just so people can be assured that if they keep applying than they will be fine.

nothing wrong with that. I'm praying that i'll be employed and able to move further along in my plans.

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debating whether i should pay down debt or get an apartment once i move back out.

i'll the former, then the latter.

in order for me to move, and more importantly move on with my life, i need to get out of debt.

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Update 10-21-09

I've made progress.

I'm back in school, part time but still back in school. Its midterms and i probably got a C for my Ethics course. but my other course's midterm is a take home Quiz!!!
gotta love community college.

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i Bought another car with my remaining loan money(My car was repossesed after i lossed my job earlier in the year)

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I have another job, only half time.
i'm thankful to God i have it.


And i took shahadah!!!

And things aren't as bad as i can think they are. i just put off an integral growth process (college) and now i must finish :)

i've picked up guitar:)
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and outside the stress of college life, I'm happy again.

i have a lot to work on,

one is gaining more employment.
the other is getting back out on my own. but i can do that, i've done it.

and Insha Allah i'll be on my way out west to the next frontier of life.

considering a move to Seattle possibly.

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i've been sold on it by friends and loved one. gonna check out the schools this spring and IA i'll be heading that way once i boost my GPA and lower or eliminate some of this debt while i'm on my Mom's couch:(

damn, honestly i was a little sad till i wrote this out and realized i'm getting it back together...