Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Appreciation (old blog)

When i was 8, i remember being forced outside for recess.
more specifically during minnesota winters. and often as it snowed.
i swore its was hell i was being tossed out into. i remember shivering horribly.
thinking "this is how its all gonna end, huh? out here like this. i'm too young to die...:-("
i would curl up in a ball inside my over sized winter coat. and i thought i was waiting to die like in those end of the world movies.

for those who don't know how bad a Minnesota winter is...

Ask yourself, ever hear about a Minnesota summer?

Winter here is Fucking brutal. -10,-20 below with wind chill. don't help that its windy. your nose hairs freeze!!! You literally cry from how sorry you are for whatever you did to deserve this. people outside just curse. There are literally just shivering and cursing,

"shits this shit's so fuckin cold!!!"

i found it funny now at 23. my 7 year old brother had a splinter and was showing his ass.

He was running around the house, for his foot to be in so much pain. He had the nerve to scream "I'm too young to die!"

this is what he thinks the end is like? thats not suffering.

I'm sitting here thinking to my self. "Y'all kids today is spoiled. you think thats agony? back in my day they used stand us outside everyday for 30 minutes straight. in fuckin single digit weather!!!. kids crying because they want to go inside. they had the nerve to tell us to move around more to get warm."

you know why they made us do that?

so we'd appreciate being in the class room.
If we just shut the fuck up and just did our work. we could enjoy the heat.

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