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Eyes close, I feel warm.
Eyes open I feel unsure.
Eyes low, I feel high.

Marcus D

under the influence and with my heart wrenched, i just sat and wrote. some make sense. some don't. some are relevant to me, some i don't even know where they came from. except that they're mine.

some of them technically aren't structured right since pluralizing(if thats a word) with an s adds a syllable technically. but whatever.

I wasted time.
Now you say that time is up.
Time’s intangible.

Snow melts away.
You once had a hold on me.
Please don’t let me go?

She packs up for good
I unpack for the first time
These things mean nothing

Outside, a sun shower
Shards of broken light dance free
I‘m a child again.

Flash! the sky ignites.
Awareness streaks throughout me.

The worst has happened,
I should be her boyfriend.
Stuck in the friend zone.

I went on Maury.
In the case of Marcus D
You are the father

The damage is done.
Monuments raze and fall.
Maneuver through ash.

My phone is ringing
Can’t bring myself to answer
Must keep the world out.

Minutes become days
I’m dragged to the future
Time smothers us all.

I wear a pea coat
I love to watch foreign film
I’m still don’t belong

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